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Barrier Gate TAU Italia

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31 / 10 / 2023
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Rp. 888 menjual palang pintu otomatis dan barrier gate berkualitas. Kami merupakan distributor boom gate dengan beragam produk barrier gate parkir termurah. Produk parkir Kami adalah yang paling inovatif, dengan software dan hardware yang terintegrasi dengan apik.

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Barrier Gates

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ENGLISH RBL is a rapid automatic barrier, with a maximum opening of up to 4 metres, which is ideal for the control of car parks and entrances where a brief waiting time is required. In addition to the added safety of having the system, motor and all control and safety accessories fed by a 12 Vdc power supply, the low voltage electromechanical motor also guarantees constant running even under more intense operating conditions. Operating is guaranteed in the event of a blackout by an optional 12 Volt rechargeable battery. Convenience: installation and maintenance are eased by the new control unit housing located above, just below the protective cover and above the barrier. The compartments for the electronics and mechanical parts have been separated and the side access is only opened for access to the motor and mechanical parts. The central section of the barrier is prepared to house the photocells, flashing light and key operated selector switch. Thanks to the particular bar structure ( round and telescopic) , transportation and fitting are made even easier, as well as notable resistance and stability to the wind thereby reducing the sail effect in the presence of extreme weather conditions. Fully-developed electronics: the control unit performs the self diagnosis of all the system’ s safety devices before the movement of the bar. The opening speed can be electronically adjusted from 1.9 to 3.5 seconds with soft start and adjustable approach. Anti-crushing safety is guaranteed by an obstacle detection system that stops or inverts the barrier movement on the slightest contact with an obstacle. The number of manoeuvres performed can be counted by means of a special flashing light from which a maintenance alarm threshold can be programmed.
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